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Welcome Amaya Users!

Hello from the AmayaUsers.com team and welcome to the ultimate independent resource for owners of Melco's Amaya and Amaya XT Embroidery Machines!
  We encourage you to browse the website and participate in our lively discussion boards where we cover Tips, Tricks, Troubleshooting, Information, Suppliers and a whole lot more.

Latest News

New Discussion Board - Thanks To YOU!

A sincere thank you to the AmayaUsers Community who pitched in, donated and allowed us to purchase and install a brand new discussion board.  It's been a long time coming but you'll find better features, streamlined login and mobile browsing among other items.  In the process, we changed where things are located so if you have the site bookmarked, be sure to update.  Also, the new system doesn't have a separate user name and sign in name... which means to log in now, simply use your username to start posting.  If you missed donating the first time around, we're still accepting help keeping the site running. Simply click on the "donate" button on any page of the site to help out.  Enjoy the new boards and if you have any issues, see this thread!

Join The Discussion Here

User Guide: Madeira Thread on AMAYA Machines

Melco has released instructions for using Madeira thread (both 1000 meter and 5000 meter cones) on the  AMAYA embroidery machine in Adobe PDF Format. Requires you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed.

Madeira PDF Instructions (456k)

MelcoMart Closes - Diverts Business to Madiera

Melco's MelcoMart has closed it's embroidery supply business - and is diverting users to the Madeira USA website.  Melco will continue to sell, service and supply parts for its embroidery machines thru ShopMelco.  Madeira USA will take over the sales and fulfillment of embroidery thread and supplies and supply thread for new embroidery machines shipping from Melco.  It would appear (to the dismay of many AmayaUsers that ARC thread is going away as the Madeira site gives users a conversion chart rather than offering ARC.  For those looking to change thread suppliers, we also recommend looking into AmannUSA who sells the popular Isacord brand.

Discussion Here

New Design Shop Version 9 Released - How To Upgrade

According to Melco, beginning Feb 1, new machines will begin shipping with the latest version of Design Shop - Version 9.  For existing users, If you bought version 7 as of January 2008, you are eligible for an upgrade to v9. Melco will not contact you though. You will need to contact Melco Mart to request the upgrade.

Information & Discussion Here

Amaya Cap Hooping Instructional Video

A big thanks go out to Herb Acree for taking time to share his skills with all of us here at AmayaUsers.  Herb along with Sharon & Rod Springer took time to video Herb hooping caps to instruct all of us who seem to have problem in this area. 

Watch The Video Now

Melco Announces Compact Embroidery Machine - EP4

Melco EP4 - new embroidery machineMelco Embroidery Systems proudly announces a new machine for the embroidery market. The Melco EP4 is a compact, lightweight four-needle embroidery machine that is extremely user-friendly. This new machine is perfect for shops with limited space or for larger companies that need to sew test designs. The Melco EP4 is also durable and always operates smoothly. Different hoops snap in and out of the machine with ease and selecting a hoop is as easy as looking at the LCD screen and choosing the hoop you are working with.

Toll Free Customer Support Announced!

Melco Technical Support and Service now has a toll free number for  customers to use when in need of help with their Melco Products...
(877) 840-5829.  The old service number is currently available but will eventually be phased out and direct customers to the toll free line.

New OS / Design Shop Revision

DesignShop - Commercial Embroidery Embroidery Design SoftwareA new version of the OS / Design Shop has been released.  Current Version is now 7.00.056.  Be sure to check with your sales rep to see if you are eligible to receive this update.

Melco Embroidery Systems announces AMAYA XT

Melco combined customer feedback with industry demands and created a solution that will revolutionize the embroidery industry. Melco Embroidery Systems proudly announces the new AMAYA XT embroidery machine and operating system. Melco combined customer feedback with industry demands and created a solution that will revolutionize the industry.

The new AMAYA XT now has the smallest cylindrical arm with new cap frame and cap driver allowing for the largest cap sewing field in the industry. This also allows for sewing small areas such as pockets, children's, garments, golf club covers, and a wider variety of caps and visors.

The AMAYA XT OS (operating system) can still be used with a single head machine or a multi-head up to 30 embroidery machines through networking by Ethernet. When any single event occurs, such as a thread break, bobbin change, or hoop change, every head in the configuration comes to a stop.

With AMAYA each head operates independently so an individual head never stops the production of the remainder of heads. AMAYA is uninterrupted by thread breaks and uninterrupted by component failure.

More Information

Have A Suggestion?  Contact Us!

We are always looking for your suggestions to make your user experience better.  If you have an idea, or even just want to say hello, drop us a message on the discussion boards!

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