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Amaya Conventional "Big Red" Errors

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  • Amaya Conventional "Big Red" Errors

    Good morning. My guys are having a day with our Amaya Conventional machine. My guys just replaced the 18” optical sensor assembly (30735-04) after the wire broke away from the harness. They put the machine back together and checked the spacing and alignment of the sensor to make sure it was installed correctly. Everything was good. However, when the machine starts sewing it will stop with the needle bar down and give the message ‘Color Change Stepper Index Error’. They then engage the emergency stop and immediately disengage the emergency stop and it resets and allows them to continue sewing until the next similar error.
    It does not happen on a specific side of the needle case but does it at random times regardless of the needle that it is sewing on at the time.
    My guys have blown out both optical sensors, checked and blown out all the connections, checked the wires for damage, everything that the Amaya Technical Manual tells you to check when you get this error.
    Hopefully you will have some ideas that we haven’t thought of yet. My guys are fairly competent on working with this machine and there isn’t much that they can’t take care of but this is something that we am struggling with.
    I appreciate any help you can provide with this issue.

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    This sounds like a bad z motor. When the reds came out that motor was underpowered and prone to failure. Typical symptom is for you to be sewing along and for the machine to suddenly stop in the needle down position. Usually, powering off and back on or doing the estop would resolve until it happened again.

    Not sure what motors go for these days but they used to be fairly reasonable and easy to replace - just make sure to be careful with the star washer when removing.
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