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  • levelbest
    HI all - this is just a note to the mailing list that the new site is now live... see the above post!

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  • John
    started a topic Welcome to the New

    Welcome to the New

    Greetings Everyone!

    It's been a long time coming but we finally have a new website and new discussion boards.

    Actually, the boards are just the latest version of vBulletin - but they should alleviate a lot of the annoying issues we were left with in the old version.

    At the same time, we moved to a new host and changed the site to WordPress. This will allow for a better, more modern look and feel along with a mobile version of the site.

    Now, I'm not done work and I need to go thru the front end a bit and delete some old links and relink a few files here and there... but as my server was a good 15-20 years old, it was time.

    For a moment, I thought about shutting the site down - but then I know many of you rely on it for the information we shared over the years. There is a ton of knowledge here and with Melco doing less support for original Amaya Owners and even Original XT owners, I thought it would be best to keep the fire burning here.

    If you feel compelled, click the paypal link to donate a few bucks - and it will help keep things running for that much longer.

    Oh, and if you want to be listed in our "find a shop" directory, have a great supplier or a tip to share - let me know!

    Here's to many more years!