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Wholesaler for Blue Generation polos?

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  • Wholesaler for Blue Generation polos?

    I have a fire department that prefers these for their uniform. I am having trouble finding a wholesale source for Blue Generation. Does anyone else use them, and where do you get them?


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    Finding pretty much anything is a nightmare right now... TriMountain just went out of business. We are having problems finding even the most common of colors and products from SanMar or other suppliers and when you do, you need to order them from 4-5 different locations.

    Backing and bobbins are out of stock or low stock nearly everywhere - when will this madness end. Honestly, if it keeps up, we'll have to close till it gets better....

    Unfortunately, we don't have an account with them...
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      Contact Blue Generation directly: (888) 336-4687

      Website is

      I ordered directly from them years ago.
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        I've had good luck with bobbins at, and United Thread. eBay has been good to me too. I found backing at Ottocap, and honestly love their 3 oz cut away for just about everything I do.

        I don't do a lot of garments. Mostly I make and embroider parrot cage covers. Getting some of the fabric can be problematic.


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          Judy, we have three African Grays, one cockatiel, and two finches, so I've made a few cage covers. If you want denim, Robert Kaufman has lots of options; they also carry tons of fun prints intended for quilting. They have always been a dependable supplier that we use for making garments like priest's cassocks. Plus they're here in smokey (err, umm, I meant sunny) California. Another company that I like is Carr Textile; they sell good quality uniform fabrics and the like, mostly made in their own US mill in Missouri.


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            Hi there! Thank you for that. I'll check those out. I use Mt. Vernon Mills in Trion, GA, and have for years. Good consistent quality and great pricing.

            I imagine you bake a bit in Etna. I'm on the Coast in Eureka.


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              I'll check out Mt. Vernon; I like to support our struggling US textile industry. It has been hot, but we've also had three fires within 25 miles of us--a bit too close for comfort. Hopefully the cooler whether that we have had for the past few days will help. Those inclined to do so should certainly say a prayer for the fire fighters.