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extra large jacket back hoop

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  • extra large jacket back hoop

    I'll try this one more time. . . I am trying to find someone willing to sell what Melco calls a tubular sash hoop. This wooden hoop requires extended arms (which we have) and used to be a popular add-on for the Big Reds. It has a full 16"+ x 15"+ sew field. Melco only sells these hoops as a kit with the extension arms and charges a small fortune. Their new, plastic large hoop has its own extension arms and is not compatible with the old one.

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    I invested the small fortune for the wooden one and the arms...and I found there is only about an extra inch sewing room from the 16.8 square hoop, regardless of the size of the hoop itself. I sold them on eBay a few years back...sorry!


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      I hadn't thought to try ebay or Craig's List; I'm such a dinosaur.

      I agree that the extra 1" of length isn't worth the cost, but the extra 5" in height is certainly something I need. With the rounded corners on the hoop you prefer (I have two of those), my options for a design that is the same height from edge to edge becomes much more limited. I often need the extra height when placing a continuous 8-9" tall design along the edge of a table cover. Plus I like the extra room that the jacket back hoop has on each end. Even if it can't be used for embroidery, the space is handy when both trying to use match points and maneuvering a continuous design.


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        Mama Kass,
        I have a large wooden hoop, don’t use it anymore....
        @ Hiddencottage
        Hidden Cottage


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          Susan, I am interested and sent you a private email.


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            Hoop type

            Mama Kass, are you looking for the sash hoop that takes the special arms, or the large 16.8 inch square hoop? It almost sounds like you are referencing the 17 wide and 11 inch tall hoop as the one you are using.

            The 16.8 inch square hoop will give you the extra height, and does not require separate, special hoop arms.


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              Judy, I was referring to the one with the extension arms. When I began digitizing, the larger square hoop was not available, and I don't know how the actual sew field compares with the jacket back hoop. What I need is a hoop that will embroider a design the full ~16" width and about 10" high.

              Susan, I should have said "private message;" the private email is on this board not to your regular email account. You have to login and choose "Private Messages" from the 1/4" red strip near the top of the page. If you would rather use your regular email account, just send me your address in a reply to that message.