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  • Melco Hoops For Sale

    I'm doing some much needed cleaning in our shop and looking to sell extra hoops we got when we bought the business that we just dont use enough to justify having them around. Figured I would post them here before posting them elsewhere. Prices are based on my research for what used hoops of the same size are going for, but open for negotiation if your willing to purchase them in bundles. Prices are for each hoop. Buyer to pay for shipping. All hoops are in used condition

    5 Round Composite 5.85in - $25
    3 Round Composite 5.85in (missing backs) - $5
    3 Round Composite 7.02in - $25
    2 Round Composite 7.02in (backs only) - $5
    3 Round Composite 8.19in - $25
    2 Round Composite 4.68in - $25
    2 Square Composite 6in - $25
    3 Rect Composite 14.25x11.75 - $25
    1 Rect Composite 17.25x11.75 - $25
    3 Rect Wood 17.25x11.75 - $25
    3 Wide Angle Cap Frames (Amaya XT) - $50
    5 ARC Cap Frames (Amaya XT) - $50
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    Good afternoon. I am interested in the conventional cap frames. I think I have worn mine out, because they won't grip anymore...the seam slides right through. I would like two of them, please. What would shipping be to ZIP 95501?


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      I'm sure I could fit them in a large flat rate box with USPS, which costs $22 and has all the tracking and insurance. Send me a DM or email with your info and I can ship out Wednesday.


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        Please let me know if the following hoops are still available:

        - 7.5 inch square
        - 17.25 x 11.75 inch (2)


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          Do you have any hoops left?


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            Originally posted by mlfarque View Post
            Do you have any hoops left?
            Yes most are still available.


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              Updated available hoops.


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                I am interested in the wood frames. Are the small round frames with short or long arms?

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