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New upgrade driving me crazy!!

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  • New upgrade driving me crazy!!

    Recently upgraded my software for Design Shop and also upgraded my OS. Has anyone else had problems? Been with support three times in less than one month. Problems seem to be escalating. I get constant upper thread breaks and cannot get it to recognize a bobbin break! My machines are Amaya XTS about five years old. They have had light use and very good maintenance. Both machines are doing the same awful things on old designs that used to sew out great as well as on new designs. Am I insane or is the upgrade causing problems? Anyone else?

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    What level of software did you upgrade to?


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      Design Shop and Amaya OS V10 . Had been running on Windows 7 with V9 and okay but slow in Design Shop. Also upgraded my computer to a Lenovo running Windows 10. Machines areAmaya XTs. I have now been with support a total of six times.