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Take-Up Lever Gear not Aligning - Preventing Color Change

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  • Take-Up Lever Gear not Aligning - Preventing Color Change

    OK, so I'm between a rock and a hard place, and unfortunately, it's after business hours for Tech Support - aaaaand I'm getting on a plane on the 2nd, so I need to put a call out to the masses.

    So... I've got an XT that, as of about a week ago, started to be something of a problem child. False bobbin breaks, thread breaks, you name it. I spoke with a tech and he narrowed it down to a faulty thread break sensor, so I'll be replacing that.

    However, today I noticed all of a sudden that my color changes were super noisy - there was a "clack" between needles, and then, all of a sudden, it refused to color change at all. It's stuck between needles. After taking off the cover to the needle case and looking around, I've discovered the the take-up lever gear (the fan-shaped one in the back) isn't aligned with the teeth of the take up levers themselves, so when it goes to change colors, it just smacks up against the lever and refuses to move.

    I've also noticed when doing hook rotations (it's between needles, so it only moves the gear, not the needle bar) that it has an audible "clack" at the top of the stroke. Is it possible that the take-up gear has somehow gotten out of adjustment? And if not, how can I get it where it needs to be so I can get this machine up and running again? I'm not able to properly check head-up, because it's currently between needles. :/

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    So, a bit of an update:

    I was able to get the thead feeder to move back to needle 1 by putting a slight bit of pressure on the take-up levers one by one as they moved by the gear - they're only just ever so slightly out of adjustment. So that's one step solved.


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      You are in a tricky position. Based on the trouble sequence something is most likely going on in your case assembly now. Something has come loose which has it maligned. If you reflect back you can see the domino effect.

      It can be a number of assemblies and that clacking noise could have been key in determining what came loose. The take up Lever assembly, Color change assembly and their mounting bracket are suspect, its no telling. It will take a trained eye to see it.

      In regards to the color change assembly there is a bit of timing in the way the servo motor works. The motor has an encoder which helps in establishing its exact position. It can become a can of worms depending on which way you manage to get thing back in line. Do it right and no problem do it wrong and the domino will start to fall.

      I've got a feeling that your problem is not the sensor. The initial troubles were the prelude to the current problem.

      No one will really respond because of the complexity of the problem. Its like trying to tell someone how to perform surgery over the internet. A 1 second mistake could turn into hours of work.

      For example break a take up lever. Then you have to go into the Needle Case. Take the needle case off and you have a list of other things to do.

      My advice call a tech. Here's why.

      You have recovered from one problem but the original problem still looms.

      Good luck