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Stitching wrong color threads & jumping to stitch in wrong location

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  • Stitching wrong color threads & jumping to stitch in wrong location

    I have a Melco XTS embroiderer. I tried to do a test stitch with the word TEST. First, my machine stitched the T correctly. Then it switched to the E, and a thread broke. I fixed the thread, and then the machine stitched the black E. It then changed and stitched red thread in the center of the E (where it is supposed to be an outline??). The machine then stopped and tried to stitch another E (which shouldn't even be there) It's like all of a sudden the machine thinks it should be stitching something thats not even in the correct place. This has happened the past month or so. Also, there seems to be a lot of false bobbin breaks and thread breaks recently. The rotary hook & trimmer assembly area has been cleaned, and the Needle Drive maintenance has been done. Please help !!!
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    Are you experienced enough with digitizing to know if this could be a problem with the digitizing? Without more info, it's hard to say why this might happen.

    There have been tons of threads on false bobbin breaks etc. Go through those because there are so many reasons why you might be having problems; after that you might be able to narrow down your question.

    I do wonder why your tails seem to be showing on top of the embroidery instead of on the back. Is that what I'm seeing after the 'T"?


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      Hi - Thanks for the response! We were having trouble with a particular logo, but used simple text from the software to test it - so we could eliminate the digitizing part on our end just in case that was the issue. The tails were from the false bobbin breaks, I just didn't cut the threads. As far as the bobbin breaks go, I will check out other threads; but I guess I am just more concerned with figuring out why the machine is jumping around and stitching in different places and with different colors etc


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        Have you thoroughly cleaned off your color change sensors? It's probably more than this so take a look at this thread:

        Also try doing a force download; sometimes this clears up random wackiness.


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          Had you used the emergency button just prior to this? Sometimes, that will cause the machine to be confused and advance the hoop incorrectly. Always watch your design after using the emergency stop. I always take note of the stitch number I'm on, return to home position, reset design, move to the stitch number and then press go. Good luck.
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            Dorothy reminded me that you can also experience a hoop jump if you put the machine in sleep mode then wake it up again; ditto what Dorothy said about noting your stitch number etc.