Quantcast Weird issue with Amaya OS and Design Shop...


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    Jan 2022
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    Weird issue with Amaya OS and Design Shop...

    I am using Amaya OS 2007 and Design Shop 2005. I know they are old.

    I had to re-install everything as my old XP machine gave up the ghost. So now if I do say a monogram in Design Shop and hit send design, it closes the design in Design shop. It sends it to AmayaOS fine, but it closes and does not save the Design Shop file so it is lost.

    Anyone have a similar issue?

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    I will assume that when you began the new design, you hit Save As and gave it its own name. As one dinosaur to another (My OS, DS, and machine are even older.), I know that when I send a design (whether old or new) from DS to OS, I always make sure that I hit Save first. Likewise, if I send a design from OS back to DS to make a change, I have to save it by using Save As rather just hitting the Save icon. If you have tried these things, you might also try saving the new design, closing it, reopening it, and then sending it to OS.

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