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    Amaya xt / sequin device

    Help...so I've not been on here in a long time...I've had my Amaya XT since 4/08 and it's been amazing...however...11/1/16 I was in an almost fatal head-on collision and had to shut my business down for 32 months...yeah almost 3 years. So during that time we had a bad hurricane 9/17 Irma down here in FL and I lost my studio to flooding...my machine was great, however my computer was flooded and I had to recently buy a new one. So I purchased the New Amaya OS 10.01.001 and installed it on my new laptop....so here's the problem...I also had to get a new board and I just finished installing and and recalibrating all the needles except it won't let me advance the needle case to 16 where the device sits... I can't do all the maintenance I need to do. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things...but with 9 surgeries, I was on Percocet for 22 months and Had neck/back/shoulder/ both knees, etc...so my brains been really foggy for a while, but I'm trying to get back in the program and can't remember everything for this machine like it was yesterday so I'm struggling...I was hoping someone might have some advice...the tech said the SEQ DEV is no longer supported, does that mean that it doesn't work w/Version 10...or what? Is there some way I can fix this or does it have to be engaged with air compressor before I do anything. I know it's getting power the lights on...the tech said I might have to remove it, but that's not fair I paid a lot for this and like using it...can anyone help me. Thanx...sorry this was so long.

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    When you go to needle 1, will the machine try to go one needle more (to the right). Perhaps the machine thinks it's at needle 16 when it's on 15. I'm pretty sure the color change indicator system is different from the original Amayas (Big Red), which I have, but maybe there is something related to the needle case?

    Good luck. Please let us know if you get it figured out.
    Dorothy Compton, Owner<br />Bee Embroidered<br /><a href=\"http://www.BeeEmbroidered.com\" target=\"_blank\">www.BeeEmbroidered.com</a><br />(916) 635-7467

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