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    Really Boogered up machine

    Good Morning everyone,
    I am kinda desperate. There are no techs close and I have 5 hoodies, 4 pair of jeans a couple of hats and 20 patches to do by Tuesday. ANY help you can offer would be deeply appreciated.

    My machine is breaking the top thread every time it gets up to speed. When I pull the hoop off and check the back of the hoop, there is a mess of thread that can simply be pulled out. The bobbin is not catching.

    My machine problems all started last week when I stupidly started the machine after a thread break. I had turned the machine off with the red button, threaded the needle and forgot to move the carriage back before turning it back on and hitting the green button. Immediately it hit the hoop broke the needle and boogered up there machine again.

    It dropped the needle bar and locked the needle case. When my son got home he took it apart and found I had broken the reciprocator. So we ordered one and replaced it. He and I installed the needle case. I did the rough and the fine calibration. The machine acted like it wasn't picking up the bobbin thread so I checked needle orientation. Tweaked it every so slightly. Tried again. It would sew out the 3-4 beginning slow stitches but as soon as it got to sewing at speed it broke the upper thread and created a bird nest underneath. I checked bobbin tension again and got yet another bobbin. Same.

    I have checked the hook timing and set the hook timing (which was way off) and checked for clearance in front and behind the needle in specs. I went back again and checked the needle case calibration, it was good. Cleaned the bobbin case and installed another new bobbin! SAME THING.

    I moved to the needle with hot pink thread so I could see what was going on. See pics attached of front and side view
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