You can view it on eBay as item 312230352175. Selling here for $110 plus actual shipping. It's heavy and oversized, so depending on your location that will be between $20 and $30-ish. I am in ZIP 95501.

The edges for the chunks missing at the bottom are not sharp. I used this for three years before I bought a new main station. I sold it once on eBay to someone I hope to never do business with again, who kept the support legs and the pocket gauge shown in the photo. ARUGH!!!

New legs are available from Hoopmaster for $45. If you're handy, you could possibly make a set of legs to elevate it and get shirts under it. If you want to get a new freestyle arm for the hoop fixture, those are also available at Hoopmaster for $65. I found that I almost never use the portable base, and when I do, it's without a fixture.