Quantcast Inspired by the recent sale on here - so Selling my Amaya XT


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    Feb 2013
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    Inspired by the recent sale on here - so Selling my Amaya XT

    Hi all, I bought a 2007 refurbished machine from Melco Dec 2012- I used it 3x one to do 27 santa hats 2012 the other to do a couple t-shirts for my kids - and last time with my good AZ trainer Margaret two summers ago!

    I bought it as a lease to purchase option and so last time I posted about this I had payments left so I think I confused things - now it's all paid for yes I paid over $10k but willing to part with it for $5900 or best offer.

    I am located in Phoenix AZ metro area. Pickup is best.

    This is what I have - straight from my purchase order:

    AMAYA XTS Machine Package 323901 Used and Refurbished
    - Amaya XTS 16 needle embroidery machine
    - Amaya OS Flex+Operating Program Dongle V10
    - Amaya Cart
    - Power Cord, US 110V
    - Wide Angle Cap Frame (WACF) 270-degreem
    1-Wide Angle Cap Driver
    1-Wide Angle Cap Hooping Gauge
    2-15cm Round Hoops (5.85")
    2-18cm RoundHoops (7.02")
    2-30x44 Jacket Back Hoops (11.75"x17.25")
    1-Crossover Ethernet Cable
    1-Amaya Starter Kit
    1-Action Illustrated 1000Designs
    1-Dakota Collectibles 1000 Designs
    1-Design Shop Lite V9 Dongel

    If interested call/text 4805290938 or send me an email mkapageridis@gmail.
    Thank you,
    Last edited by Maha; 04-01-2018 at 04:32 AM.

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    Would you be willing to break up parts? Only in need of cap driver.

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    May 2006
    420 S.W. H street, Grants Pass, Oregon 97526
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    If they don't I have a brand new XT cap driver I'm willing to sell. Melco is selling for $900 I'll sell mine for $200.

    Ron Vinyard<br />Body Cover Design<br /><br />Grants Pass, Oregon

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