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    Sep 2014
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    Nike Dri Mesh-Pucker

    Got an Order for Nike Dri Mesh and Would Love to know the secret here,

    I am getting constant Pucker Either During Embroidery, If hooped Lightly,

    Or upon removal of Hoop if hooped What I feel is correctly....

    Tried Medium and Heavy cutaway Backing, And Solvy....

    I am pretty sure Proper digitizing would help and would be happy to pay someone to look it over.....

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    May 2006
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    You have puckers because the slippery fabric is sliding over the backing as it stitches. They way we deal with dri weave is to use two layers of nylon web. I like the kind that has the adhesive on the back but I don't iron it on. I just like the weight. At any rate place one piece of nylon web on the table, put a dot of spray adhesive, place a layer of tear away on the weblon and then a dot of spray, then the third layer is weblon on top but turn is opposite the first layer so the grain is at a different angle. A sandwich of backing. Spray a larger area with KK100 from Gunold. Place that on the inside of the shirt where you expect to put the design. Smooth and place a layer of Solvy on top. Hoop at normal.
    Wishes In Stitches Embroidery<br />4502 W. Buffalo Street<br />Chandler, Arizona 85226<br />480-216-3163

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    May 2006
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    For almost all 100% poly garments I hoop with 1 piece of 2oz cutaway on the back and on top of the shirt, I put a single lightweight tear-away that has the stitching area cut out. After putting it on the machine, I slide another cutaway piece (it just floats under the hoop). After stitching out, press the design to relax the stitches.
    Dorothy Compton, Owner<br />Bee Embroidered<br /><a href=\"http://www.BeeEmbroidered.com\" target=\"_blank\">www.BeeEmbroidered.com</a><br />(916) 635-7467

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    Sep 2014
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    Thank you guys, I know its been covered before , But just wanted some current Ideas.
    Right off the bat 2 Mediums Tacked, then Tacked onto the back of the shirt improves the look immensely.
    How often will the Adhesive spray cause issues with the Machine?

    Also, How do you price this kind of work? It Really slows things down around here
    The Customer is Supplying the garments, So no markup there.....

    Thank you again for your input and great Ideas.....

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    Oct 2006
    Kona, Hawaii
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    What happens with adhesive spray is that as the needle passes through it a million times, the spray volatilizes and that gas just goes everywhere. After awhile there is a considerable amount of it and that is where the trouble comes in. Trimming is really affected! I had this happen to me so I do know where of I speak! I fixed it by doing a WD40 wash. What a mess,but it worked.
    Juli in Kona<br />Stitches in Paradise

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    Oct 2010
    Etna, CA
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    A WD40 wash doesn't have to make a mess. After spraying the hook area well, I put a plastic bag around the stitch arm and Voila! no mess. Here's a good thread on the subject: http://www.amayausers.com/discussion...ight=hook+wash

    Also I have switched to Sulky's spray adhesive. It comes in smaller can which they say lasts as long as the larger can of other products, but I don't really care because it is a superior product. No spitting; no stringy stuff; very nice, even coverage.

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