Quantcast troubleshouting while runing test design


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    Apr 2014
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    troubleshouting while runing test design


    i did the "rose" test design and the machine stopped few times -thread brakes, pull outs,and loosen stitches.
    the aos opend a window and it was saying "y motor tracking error".
    is anyone femilier with this problam and the way to handel this without calling a tech that is not avaluable in our country.

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    I would stitch the i test. It is 16 bars that will give you an idea of the bobbin tightness. Also go to settings, thread feed and see what the numbers are set at. Default is thread feed 4 and lower limit is 2. If this is thick velvet raise the thread feed to 5 or 6 and the lower limit to 3.
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  3. Thanks chaya Thanked for this post
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    For clarification.....the "Auto Lower Limit" only works if the machine is in the "Auto" mode The material feed is then regulated automatically by the computer. The "auto lower limit" allows you to tell the machine while in auto mode to "never" go below whatever number you place in the "auto lower limit " box Choosing to change the material feed number while in auto mode does nothing as far as the machine setting is concerned.

    If you place the machine in the "Standard" mode, then the auto lower limit is not functional anymore and then the material feed number does come into play. Whatever number you place in the material feed box becomes a constant and will stay there until you either choose to return to the auto mode or change the Standard material feed number.

    Addressing the other issue...the first thing that must be know would be a question of lubrication. The X carriage rails may need lubed as well as the Y rail guide blocks. The pinch rollers and the inner thread feed roller may be in need of some additional lubing as well. In general making "sure" that the entire machine is "well" lubricated.

    Bobbin tension??

    Presserfoot height?? Should be not more than 2 clicks up from all the way down.....

    X axis cable tension??? When was the last time it was checked?

    Rod Springer
    Amaya Tech & Trainer
    Certified tech & trainer<br />208-898-4117

  5. Thanks chaya Thanked for this post
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    Apr 2014
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    Thank you everyone

    the presser foot actualy was up, I changed it , and I did the lubrication and the rotary wash

    I think it helped ... keep trying

    X axis cable tension was checked two months ago and it was too loosen . it was'nt possible to tighten it

    so my husband(my tech.. ) fixed it some how..

    Thank you again

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